Photo by Jojo West


CHAOS: three movements

Recorded at Summerfest in 2014, this piece is three segments from that show edited together into one cohesive piece of music. Inspired by Teo Macero's arranging and editing work with Miles Davis in the late sixties and early seventies, CHAOS takes the best parts from improvised moments and explores what emerges from arranging and constructing a piece of music after it's been already been recorded. 

Misha Siegfried: guitar & artistic direction

Ross Catterton: saxaphone
Anna Brinck: keyboards
Zach Steiner: bass
Antonio Ninham: drums

recorded live by
Steve Hamilton, Makin' Sausage Music

June 25, 2014

post production by
Misha Siegfried at Heblues Records

special online EP

©2017, Heblues Records

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